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Here are the top ten articles for the LDS Families Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Mother's Day Articles
A collection of articles honoring mothers, discussing the journey and experiences of women and celebrating the joyful parts of parenthood! Articles addressing infertility, Mother Eve and the role of women in the world, The Church and our homes are included, along with tributes to MOMS everywhere!

2. Heavenly Parenting On Earth
All of life is a learning experience. One of the lessons I've learned since becoming a mother is a pleasant surprise--that as much as I love my children, Heavenly Father loves them (and me) even more!

3. To My Sisters Who Want To Be Mothers
The day that celebrates mothers with joy is a sorrow for those of us who'd give anything to fill that role but can't. Here's a message of love from someone who has been there.

4. Rethinking Romantic Love
How is it that those who "fall in love" seem so often to "fall out" of it again? There may be something wonky in our idea of romace and love in the first place.

5. Peanut Butter Cookies
This recipe has become my favorite cookie. No flour means the peanut butter flavor is strong (and makes it friendly for those who are in a conflict with gluten), and will fill tummies and satisfy tastebuds of cookie lovers everywhere!

6. Reflections on the Savior
So much has been written about Him, His life, His death, His love. Here is what I wrote to share with my children one evening when they were having difficulty remembering how to treat each other kindly.

7. Eve And the Choice Made In Eden - Book Review
Beverly Campbell's book eloquently and lovingly unravels the false image we have of Mother Eve and the Fall. She provides new understanding of these events, reclaiming Eve's damaged reputation, and giving joyful insight into the role and worth of all women.

8. Letting Our Kids Remind Us What's Possible
Ever heard a five year old refuse to dance because she has no rhythm, or a three year old protest that his chances of being accepted into NASA and ever being a "spaceman" are impossibly slim? Parenthood gives us the chance to revisit those "impossible dreams" and jump back into the new and scary.

9. A Tribute to Eve (And My Own Mother Too!)
It is too easy to underestimate Mother Eve...and our own earthly mothers. All women who become mothers travel a path that echoes her journey. Let's reexamine their choices and our own.

10. Free Summer Activities For Kids!
Free movies, bowling, craft classes, summer reading, and more!

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